Because Servers are as heavy as fragile, we know how hard it may be to package them and ship them safely around the world. For that reason, we have developed a universal packaging solution for 1U and 2U Servers. Our easy to use packaging system allows you to tear away precuts on the inner material and adjust the server to prepare it for shipment quickly and safely. You may find this solution much more comfortable and easier than any other universal server boxes out there.

The front and back protection foams are specially designed with precuts to adjust the proper fit for your server as they maintain in place during shipment. This will allow safe transport through whatever circumstances may occur during its travels.

Our polyethylene foam is a strong and resilient closed-cell foam, engineered to protect valuable & delicate products against multiple impacts while maintaining their original cushioning properties, as it is also excellent for dampening the effects of vibration. You may confidently ship your servers and ensure a safe way to its destination.

92 X 58 X 20 cm

Server length should be no longer then 84CM. This shipping box is perfect for shipping variety of 1U and 2U servers and storage devices from: DELL, HP, IBM, SUPERMICRO, SUN, and others. Our unique design allows various depth servers to be packed with the same packaging material. Upon delivery, the inner foams are set to fit a 1U server,  but you may tear away the precuts and that will allow you to fit a 2U server as well.

For orders, please call 1-866-696-3912